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This is the Privacy Policy of this website (the “Site”) NIBIAA DEVICES PVT LTD and  and/or its related parties which are the Site operator. As a part of normal operating procedures, this website may collect, apply (under special circumstances) and discloses your information to third parties. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please do not continue.Otherwise, you should have read, understood and agreed to be subject of this Privacy Policy, and be complied with all relevant laws and regulations. NIBIAA DEVICES PVT LTD retains the right to change, revise and renew this Privacy Policy without prior notice.

You can anonymous access to the Site and obtain information. We will explain the use of the information before requesting you to provide relevant information, and some sites of  the Site need your register to access. The Site will track some datum automatically in accordance with the user’s behavior. In order to provide better services, the Site use the datum to make internal statistics, which including but not limited to the number of users and their interest or behavior. The Site collects the datum using Data Collection Device such as “Cookies”. “Cookies” is a small file set on the user’s hard disk, helping the Site provide tailor-made services for the uses. And the Site provides some functions which are realization via the “Cookies” only. The Site using the “Cookies” reduces the numbers of input password in a certain period.

You agree that the Site could use your information (including but not limited to the information in the files which are held by the Site and other information which are obtained from currently and previously events on the Site) to resolve disputes, stop arguments, help to ensure that the transactions on the Site safety, and perform the obligations agreed with User within this Site. Occasionally, the Site needs to identify problems or resolve disputes by investigating multiple users, even reviews the user’s information to identify which user holds multiple ID. For limiting the fraud, illegal and criminal activities on the Site, you agree that the Site could check the your personal information either manually or with an automatic program.

The Site will protect the personal information via industry practice. Due to technical limitations, the Site cannot ensure that users of all private communications and other personal. information will not be disclosed by other sources not listed in the Privacy Policy. The Site has the obligation to provide personal information to the judicial organs and government departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.


You have no right to request any user’s private information during using contents on the Site or gathering information from it.

You should not be allowed using the services or other e-mail forwarding services provided by the Site to send spam or to do something which would possible violate the laws and regulations of the relative jurisdiction, social morality and the Site’s User Agreement or Privacy Policy content. In addition to send e-mails, the Site will not use e-mail addresses for any other purpose. The Site will not rent or sell these e-mail addresses. The Site will not store e-mail message or e-mail address permanently.

You should be responsible for your Personal ID , Tax ID , the registered e-mail address and all of other security settings. Therefore, the Site has no obligation to keep the above information.

Any controversy and dispute arising out of this website and this Privacy Policy shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the England and Wales’s court that has jurisdiction over the case. The interpretation of this Privacy Policy is attributed to NIBIAA DEVICES PVT LTD.

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